Jack Harris Survives Superstorm Sandy

Jack Harris in 3rd Year was in the U.S. recently when it was hit by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.

He told his class all about what happened and put together a great project for us to look at. Here is an account of his experience. The photos on the project were taken by Jack himself.

My family and I arrived in J.F.K airport on 28th of October. The evening we arrived was pleasant and calm and the only hint of the impending disaster was from the news. It was quite literally the calm before the storm. We awoke Monday to wind and rain but still didn’t realise how bad things were going to get. All the local shopping malls were closed.

The power went Monday evening and wasn’t restored for almost ten days. Our original plan was to go into the city on Tuesday and stay there for three nights. This wasn’t possible as the Lincoln tunnel, the main artery between New York and New Jersey was closed. We had to avail of my cousins hospitality for another night.

On Wednesday morning the tunnel was open so we headed for the city. When we got in we checked into our hotel and went off to explore the city. We expected to find the city at stand still but even after a hurricane it was still buzzing.  We packed as much as we could into the short time we were there by visiting the Empire State Building, Rockefeller plaza and Central Park and many more attractions. On Friday went back out to my cousins by bus as traffic restrictions were in place. We returned home on Sunday we will always remember where we were when Hurricane Sandy struck.

Jack Harris, 3rd Year

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