6th Years Go To UCC November 2013

Some of our 6th Years visited U.C.C. Geography Department on Wednesday 20th November 2013 for an introduction to Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.)

We were taken to the I.T. facility on the 3rd floor of the Geography Building and given a brief talk on the uses of G.I.S. After that we spent about 2 hours learning about G.I.S. mapping by using a computer system called ArcGIS.

We learned how to add different types of data to a base map and then represent it graphically on the screen by using various colour schemes and scales. We experimented by plotting various geographical events such as recent earthquakes and volcanoes on the maps. We also used a base map of Cork and integrated it with data on the most recent Census from the Central Statistics Office. It was two hours of very practical and informative work

Thanks to Mary Murphy & Helen Bradley from U.C.C. Geography Department and to Mr. Mc Donnell & Mr. Lucey for taking the students there.

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