4th Year Model Building March 2013

Our 4th Years have recently been involved in creating cardboard models from the 1:50,000 Discovery Series maps.
We selected an area of about 25 sq km around the school with a maximum elevation of about 130 metres above sea level. Mr. Mc Donnell brought the map to a printers and had it enlarged and got enough copies for everyone. The students had to source plenty thick cardboard from places like Super Valu, Lidl, Aldi and Spar. Students divided themselves into pairs so that they could work on the models together.

The cardboard was then cut into the shape of the main base map along with about 13 other layers the same size. Then the task of cutting around the contour lines began. Once the first contour line is cut out, the remainder of the map is placed on the cardboard and the shape is cut out. This shape is then glued to the base layer. Each 10 metre height is then cut and glued.

Once finished, the models are sprayed and some local landmarks marked on them. Thanks also to Ms. Mc Entee & Mr. Barrett from the Art Department who gave us great advice and allowed us to raid their various supplies throughout the project.

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