3F Geography Farm Visit Oct 2019

Mr Mc Donnell’s 3F Geography Class visited Casey’s Dairy Farm this afternoon. As part of the Junior Geography Syllabus they learned how the farm operates as a System of Inputs, Processes and Outputs. Mr. Casey explained the importance of grass to the system and how they manage to keep it at the best quality for the cattle to eat.

The lads also tasted a bit of maize but didn’t find it to their liking!!

We also visited the herd followed by a talk on all the fodder that the cattle are fed during the winter.

We finished with a trip to the milking parlour where the lads learned about the main outputs on the farm. We even got a taste of the output by each having a pot of Petit Filous Yoghurt.

Thanks to Tom, Pauline and Ed Casey for welcoming us to their farm and a brilliant afternoon.

See the photos below.

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