2nd Year Irish Emigration Wall Map

Some of our 2nd Year Students recently plotted where their relations had emigrated to around the world in recent years. We found out that Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers & Sisters were spread out all over the world. The main destinations for Irish emigrants are the U.S., Australia, & U.K.

Other countries that our relations have emigrated to include France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Jersey.

Stickers were placed on a map of the World and a map of Europe. Lines were then drawn from Cork to the various locations marked on the map. Each coloured sticker represented the number of people in a foreign country from each family.

A key was drawn to show what each colour represented. They were numbered 1 to 7 and 8+.

See the photos below for the results.

Irish Emigration Europe Map

Irish Emigrants World Map