2A Geography Cave & Galtee Trip

Our 2A class had a great day out on the 16th of February when they went on a geography field trip. The Field trip consisted of, going to the Mitchelstown Caves followed by a hillwalk to Lough Curra in the Galtee Mountains. They spent about an hour in the cave learning all about how it was formed and saw plenty of examples of different dripstone features such as stalactites, stalagmites, pillars and calcite curtains.

After the visit to the caves, we continued on our journey to the Glen of Aherlow and hiked from Clydagh Bridge up to Lough Curra.

Thanks to Mr. Lucey & Mr. Dillon for organising the trip and to Ed Casey and Rhys Hurley from TY for assisting on the day.


Click on photo for slideshow and click the video to see short clip of the day

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