1st Year Geography Projects Dec 2012

1st year students recently created their own Geography projects. Every student got to choose a topic of interest and spent a week creating posters and some even created models!! As you can see from the pictures, there was a huge number of topics including Hurricane Sandy, Mount St. Helens and tornadoes. One student, Conor kirby, created a volcano (Mount Roco!) that even erupts. Using vinegar and baking soda, Conor displayed the eruptive power of his volcano for the rest of the class. Also pictured here are other posters and models created by students.

Congratulations to all students involved

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David Allen, Mr. Donovan, Conor Kirby, Aaron Phelan, Sean Madden & Brion O’ Callaghan with their models

Conor Kirby

Conor Kirby with Mount Roco

Conor Kirby Starts The Eruption

Conor prepares Mount Roco for eruption

Mount Roco Erupts!!

Mount Roco Erupts!!!!!

Brion O Callaghan

Brion O’Callaghan

David Allen

David Allen with a model of Mount St. Helens



Photo0195 Photo0196  Photo0198 Photo0199 Photo0200 Photo0201Photo0202

Sean Madden1

Sean Madden with his Soil Creep model

Aaron Phelan1

Aaron Phelan’s erupting volcano